January 27th, 2020

My orthopedist thought physical therapy might help relieve chronic hip pain. For a long time, I felt unbalanced & was eventually told that my right leg was shorter than the left. It seemed that the only solution would be a custom insole. However, Dr. Shane Valigora, DPT & owner of Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Warner Robins, GA,, determined that through various muscle energy techniques for SI, he would be able to equalize the length of the right leg enabling me to stand & walk properly. All exercises focused on the right hip, & I saw improvement after each session. I can easily continue the exercises at home.

The facility is well equipped, & the staff is knowledgeable regarding insurance & Medicare issues. Dr. Shane’s experience & training make Pinnacle Physical Therapy an outstanding choice. I highly recommend this facility & Dr. Shane in particular.