Our Team


Shane Valigora , DPT, Owner

Shane was born and raised in St. Clairsville, OH where he learned to understand the importance of hard work and the value of perseverance in the face of life’s challenges. Shane understands from personal experience the mindset it takes to recover from injury and the tasks one needs to accomplish to get back in the game of life.

The Ohio native had a passion and talent for the game of baseball which started at a young age. He led his high school team to the state semi-finals. Shane was selected All Ohio Honors in baseball in high school and played collegiate Division 1 baseball as a pitcher.

While playing baseball in college, Shane suffered a torn ulnar collateral ligament to his right elbow. As a pitcher, this injury could have easily ended his career, especially if he was not dedicated to returning to the pitching mound. He had to receive physical therapy to proceed with his dream of playing baseball.

It was during his recovery time that he became intrigued in physical therapy and chose to build a career path in it. Shane eventually returned to the pitching mound and finished his collegiate career playing baseball. However, after completing physical therapy for his injury, he had also discovered a new passion in pursuing a career in physical therapy. He went back to college to attain the pre-requisite classes to enter physical therapy school and graduated from Wheeling Jesuit College with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Like Shane’s physical therapist that helped him recover from his collegiate baseball injury, he loves to help patients overcome their physical obstacles, whatever they may be. He enjoys tackling different challenges and helping patients conquer theirs. His empathetic demeanor and attitude towards meeting people where they are in their recovery process has helped him establish good rapport among his patients and the community.