Patient Testimonials

  • Wonderful healing atmosphere…Thankful for them.

    Magnolia Surgery

  • Pinnacle is a very professional and thorough program providing one-on-one treatment that caters to the individual. I would definitely recommend Pinnacle to others.


  • I am a 1st time patient of physical therapy so I did not know what to expect. In early August I had dislocated my patella (knee joint) and as I enjoy sports and exercises, thoughts of intense pain, low morale, and feeling like things would never be alright were my main concerns. From the very 1st session, Shane, Amy, and their staff put me at ease and made me 100% sure I will fully recover. These guys know what they are doing and do their jobs with the patient in mind at all times. I am nearly back to 100 and it is surely a team effort but the “coaches” are key. Highly recommended.


  • Pinnacle Therapy is an outstanding place to go for reaching the summit of your recovery from surgery. My shoulder was nearly froze but the staff used incredible techniques mixed with genuine care and concern to help me accelerate in regaining motion. I highly recommend it to everyone!


  • Very pleased with the physical therapy plan provided. The physical therapist was very hands on with finding the problem and creating a solid workout plan to gain that strength back.


  • Very happy with results and assistance received by therapist. Like Instructions given as home work out with illustrations great. Thank you.


  • Very professional and explains everything and how it helps with your pains.


  • Shane is a great physical therapist He came to my home after I went home from the hospital after I had total knee replacement on both knees He was there to help me threw it all when I was able to get around I started going to his office His wife Amy was so helpful to get all my appointments and insurance took care of also they had a assistant Bree that was nice and caring When my therapy was finished and I left the last day I felt like I was leaving my friends Shane is truly a caring person who loves what he does. He truly is a wonderful person.


  • Shane is very knowledgeable and has a gift of evaluating and providing customized treatment for his patients. He is very positive and encouraging, while having the ability to access his patients needs and abilities . He doesn’t just provide PT, but is invested in helping his patients have the best recovery results possible. My husband has exceeded expectations under his care, and we are still moving forward.


  • Above and Beyond!!!! Dr.Shane is an excellent Physical Therapist. He is extremely knowledgeable and very passionate about his ability to help others. He is also very open and honest with you and provides A+ care. His office atmosphere and staff are very family-oriented and friendly, yet very professional.

    I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for an excellent Physical Therapist. You will not be disappointed with your services.


  • My orthopedist thought physical therapy might help relieve chronic hip pain. For a long time, I felt unbalanced & was eventually told that my right leg was shorter than the left. It seemed that the only solution would be a custom insole. However, Dr. Shane Valigora, DPT & owner of Pinnacle Physical Therapy in Warner Robins, GA,, determined that through various muscle energy techniques for SI, he would be able to equalize the length of the right leg enabling me to stand & walk properly. All exercises focused on the right hip, & I saw improvement after each session. I can easily continue the exercises at home.

    The facility is well equipped, & the staff is knowledgeable regarding insurance & Medicare issues. Dr. Shane’s experience & training make Pinnacle Physical Therapy an outstanding choice. I highly recommend this facility & Dr. Shane in particular.


  • I must admit, no one wants to go to therapy after surgery or an injury. Well, my experience at Pinnacle was very different. I had reverse shoulder replacement and Shane was my physical therapist. I must say he was amazing! He was right there with me showing me exactly how to do each type of therapy and making sure I did not hurt myself by doing it incorrectly. He never started me on something and just left. He was right there checking on me or just talking with me. I truly felt like family.

    My orthopedic doctor was amazed at how much movement I had in my arm after I finished therapy. He was very pleased at my progress, thanks to Shane. I have already recommended a friend to use  Pinnacle and highly recommend it to anyone needing therapy. 

    I hope I never need anymore therapy, but if I do, you bet I will go to Pinnacle.


  • “First, I would highly recommend Shane at Pinnacle Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine for your PT needs.

    I had my first custom knee replacement in November of 2018. I didn’t really know what to expect since this was my first time needing physical therapy. I was very pleased with Shane’s ability and personal care he took to progress me in outpatient physical therapy. I chose Shane to continue my outpatient physical therapy to get me ready for my second knee replacement. In December of 2018, I had my second custom knee replacement surgery and since Shane did such a good job with me on the first physical therapy schedule, I chose him to be my physical therapist on the second knee replacement as well. For the last three months, I have been working with Shane exclusively to get me ready to go back to work on a full-time basis ahead of schedule!!


  • I can honestly say Shane is simply the best! I have had chronic pain in my sacroiliac joint for a very long time. Within a few visits, Shane was able to decrease my pain by 50% and a few visits later I was actually pain free. I highly recommend Pinnacle! They really care about their patients!


  • I actually looked forward to my therapy appointments! Shane treats you like family.  He was very kind and compassionate from the start of therapy when I had a hard time with a lot of low back pain. Shane was able to fix a problem I was having for years and now I can say for the first time for as long as I can remember that I am pain free!